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Chakra Cleansing


Chakra Cleansing

All illness is linked ot the energetic layers (Chakras, sheaths and Aura) of the self.  Harmony at all levels of the self = total wellbeing.

$100 – per session

Chakra realignment & Aura Cleansing

Besides the physical body there are seven energetic layers referred to as Sheaths which surrounds the physical body. These are directly connected to the seven chakras (subtle energy centres along the spine from the coccyx to the crown of the head. Each energy centres or chakras correspond to nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being. For a total wellbeing the chakras need to be aligned and free from any blockages and the sheaths and aura need in harmony.


Signs and symptoms for the imbalanced Chakras

Emotional pain / instablility, additions, lack of self esteem, fear of change, overactive ego, overthinking, negative beliefs, pain, stiffness and most of the physical issues may be related to a disharmony in the Chakras.

There are various methods of realigning and cleansing the chakras and auras, such as meditation, yoga, exercises, chanting, food, colours, visualisation etc.

Here at Ambient Health the method used is taking a client into trance and miniaturising the subtle body, then guiding the subtle body to see the chakras and auras.  Any deformities, discoloration or disharmony noticed by the subtle body shall then be cleansed, realigned or back to harmony.  The client shall witness the changes and their subconscious mind shall register the changes as it takes effect.

Talking to the organs of the body

Atoms –Molecules – cells- tissue- organs-system- organism

Just as there is the overall me, there are also many smaller individual aspects of that me, represented in my tissues and organs themselves. In the dynamic world of information within my body, there is a distinct consciousness in each of my organs. Our organs store memories and also contain information. 

And they can talk to us. The big me can go in and establish a dialogue with the different organs and tissues                                                     

For further reading visit: https://energylifesciences.com/organs-have-their-own-consciousness/