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Spirit Release

Why Is Spirit Release Performed?

Some unresolved conditions, unwarranted behavior and relationship issues may be an indication of spirits/dark energies in your environment.

After  the physical death, some souls fail to transit from the earth plane into the spirit plane.  They remain earth bound until they are helped to cross over.  These lost souls may attach themselves to living persons (usually those with a weak or cracked aura). for various reasons such as to fulfill their unfulfilled desires or merely to give some lonely people company.

 Once the trapped energies / spirits are released, the client immediately feels the release and get back to their normal self.  In most of the cases that I have come across, these spirits sometimes feel lost and are seeking help to cross over.

Technique to release spirit

Unlike exorcism, this technique is practiced with utmost love for all, without exception. I.e. the trapped souls are released with love and respect. These lost souls deserve as much love and respect as any of us (living).

The client is hypnotized and the therapist requests the subconscious mind to allow the spirit / entity to surface up. Once the spirit makes its appearance the therapist approaches the spirit with utmost love and respect (these spirits are lost souls requiring love and compassion). There is always a dialogue between the spirit and the therapist, and once the spirit agrees to accept help it is then released in the white light. The client immediately feels the relief.

Signs To Seek Help

  • Pain or illness with no medical resolution
  • Anxiety, depression, claustrophobia etc without any apparent reason
  • Unwarranted relationship issues amongst family members
  • Addictions despite trying hard to get rid off
  • Feeling of being followed
  • Sudden change in behaviour or mood changes
  • Dreaming of dark energies

Case Studies

Case Study 1

A 17 year old client presented herself to my clinic with unresolved anxiety issues since childhood days. Once taken into the hypnotic state the subconscious was requested to go to the cause of her anxiety. She found herself in a room at the age of 5 left alone. She than sees a storm. I then took permission to talk to the storm and the storm declared his name was Michael who was killed in an accident. He was ready to be released in the white light. The client reported her anxiety level had reduced.

Case Study 2

A 35-year-old client reported that nothing seemed to have been working in her life. She had been feeling frustrated and depressed. She had planned suicide 3 times, but during each attempt, at the last minute she would, all of a sudden realise that, those who would be left behind would suffer due to her act.

Once in the hypnotic state her Higher Self (Higher Self has all the data of the being from the time it has separated from the supreme) was called upon for guidance. The Higher Self indicated that there were 3 spirits that needed to be released and that 2 were ready to be released and the third was not ready to be released yet. Two spirits were released during the session and the third spirit was requested to surface up to indicate its purpose to remain attached to the client. This spirit confirmed her desire to learn about ONENESS along with the client and would be ready to be released once her desire was fulfilled. With due respect to the higher Self and the Spirit, this spirit was not released hoping that soon her desire would be fulfilled and my client start to vibrate at higher frequencies through learning and being in ONENESS.

She reported that she had started meditating and chanting.