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Guided Meditation

Learn to shift yourself from fight and flight mode to relax and repair mode through mediation.

Whether you are looking for spiritual enlightmentment or simply reduce stress and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, meditation techniques can be tailored to individual belief system and life style.

$30 per session

$100 for 4 session

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient technique and its true goal has been to connect one’s self to be ONE with THE ONE

 However various methods of meditation techniques are used to help a person shift from fight and flight mode to rest, relax and repair mode. Through meditation the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated, thereby calming and relaxing the entire nervous system.  The body relaxes, repairs and assimilates.

UNIQUE!! Every individual is unique, their needs are unique, life style is unique, body types are unique, belief system is unique, mental status are unique.  Therefore, meditation techniques need to be tailored to individual needs.

However, group meditations or like minds are also encouraged to enhance and uplift the energy vibrations.

Types of Meditation

Progressive Relaxation

As the name suggests a technique can be tailored to your needs enhance your entire body to relax and to be in the moment. Relaxation helps to enhance your sense of calm and reduce anxiety and stress. It is also a good tool for stress and anxiety management.


Focusing on something intently helps still your mind and stops inner dialogue.

While it helps improve your memory, it relaxes and helps you stay in the moment and self-awareness.


Visualisation is focusing on something specific. This technique not only calms your mind but helps in achieving your goals. Visualization is a fantastic tool to help focus on the area of your life that requires improvement and ultimately manifesting your needs.


A word or a phrase is repeated during mantra meditation. While this focuses your awareness on the word or the phrase it helps quieten the inner dialogue. Mantra meditation can be done carrying out any chores that does not require mental involvement.

Spiritual: spiritual meditation is establishing a deeper connection to the Divine, the supreme, the God. The simplest method is being in the awareness of the supreme while performing all your duties.

To sum it up, You Are Unique, and you require a technique that is unique to your beliefs, your physical abilities, your mindset, your lifestyle, your daily responsibilities, expectations and goals.

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone meditate? 

Yes, meditation is for one and all. Meditation can be an be tailored to individual needs and belief system.

Do I need to have a belief system or faith in a religion in order to meditate? 

Not having a believe is a believe itself. One does not have to have faith in a religion. 

I cannot sit on the floor, can I still meditate? 

One can meditate in any position. In fact, one can meditate anywhere and anytime, while walking, doing household chores etc.